Why You Should Use Modular Rooftop Commercial HVAC Units

Businesses in Round Rock, TX need to consider their HVAC options very carefully. Commercial HVAC units have to support a larger space than most residential homes and must remain eminently reliable in order to keep your employees and customers comfortable. Many businesses opt for modular rooftop units, placed at the top of their building. It may seem counter-intuitive—an HVAC system exposed to the punishing elements?—but the units are built to last and they provide a number of tangible benefits for your business.


Space is a premium in any commercial setting, and the more effectively you can use your square footage, the more money you’ll save. Rooftop units take up no space inside the building, nor on the grounds. That means more space for offices, work stations, storage, or even parking. Furthermore, because of the nature of modular units, the roof gives you room to expand the system as large as you need it, regardless of the specific needs of your business.


Speaking of which, a modular system lets you add and subtract heating and cooling power based on the specific needs of the tenant. So if a new business with different needs moves into your building, or the current one grows and shifts in its needs, you can meet them simply by adding another unit or two to the system. If the business needs shrink, excess units can be left off or even removed if so required.


The roof allows technicians to do their job very easily without disrupting the business below. Most commercial rooftops are readily accessible, and heavy equipment like new modules can be placed there via a crane without having to go through the building’s interior. That makes repairs easier and unobtrusive, letting the technician finish their work quicker.

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