Get Your Air Conditioner Ready for Spring

Spring comes early here in Austin, TX, and while we still have some cool days ahead of us, we’ll be using our air conditioners more and more often. Now is the perfect time to get your air conditioner ready for spring. You still have time to schedule services and make adjustments without having to worry about fitting it in before the next heatwave, and by doing so early in the season, you can be sure that your system is in fighting shape once the heat begins in earnest. Here are a few tips on getting your air conditioner ready for spring.


The outdoor portion of your air conditioner vents hot air into the atmosphere as part of the overall cooling process. Over the winter, twigs, leaves and other detritus may have built up around the system, and as spring begins, weeds and other growth may cause trouble too. Make sure you clear all of the detritus away from your outdoor system and leave a clear space of about two feet around your system.


Air filters are designed to catch dust and hair from the air as it passes through your ducts. Most of them are supposed to be replaced, and you should do so before the beginning of spring, then every few months after that. Better yet, look into an electronic air filter, which can do the job more efficiently without forcing you to swap out a dirty filter.


A maintenance session from a trained professional is a great way to catch any potential repair issues when they’re still small and manageable. It will also clear up little problems such as loose bolts and excessive dust, helping your system perform at its best when the temperatures start to rise.

For more tips on preparing your air conditioner, give the pros at Intelligent Air Services a call!