Which Homes Benefit from Ductless Heating and Cooling

For many homes in Austin, TX, a traditional centralized heating and cooling system does the job just fine. These systems heat or cool the air in a single spot in your home, then use a fan to blow the conditioned air into all the rooms via a system of ducts. It works well, but it can’t work for every home. Some households would benefit more from a ductless heating and/or cooling system, which installs a number of smaller, independently controlled units throughout your home. Each unit is charged with heating/cooling the air in a single room or section, and each one can operate fully independently of the others. They aren’t right for every home and they cost more to install than centralized units, but some homes can benefit immeasurably from their presence. Which ones and why? Here’s a quick breakdown.

Large Homes

Large homes tend to have equally large heating and cooling bills, as a centralized system works overtime to get every corner the correct temperature. A ductless system allows you to heat or cool only those rooms you’re using at any given time. That helps cut down on wear and tear and saves you considerable amounts of money on monthly bills in the process.

Homes That Can’t Support Ducts

A duct system usually needs to run through hidden parts of your home, such as the attic or crawlspace. If your home can’t do that—either because it predates modern HVAC systems or simply because it has an unusual layout—then a ductless system makes an excellent alternative.

Homes Where Temperature Is a Point of Contention

Say you like the temperature to be at 74°F. Your spouse or another household resident likes it to be 70°F. Ductless systems let you have your cake and eat it too by tailoring different rooms with different temperatures at the same time.

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