3 Long-Term Benefits to a Geothermal Heating and Cooling System

geothermal heating and cooling system is installed beneath the ground on your property: a series of looped coils that circulate a liquid facilitating a heat exchange with the earth. The temperature below ground never changes once you get more than about ten feet down or so, which makes it an infinitely renewable source of energy for your home in Austin, TX. The heat exchange allows the system to heat or cool your home while providing a number of unique benefits that only this exciting technology can offer. The up-front costs are the biggest impediment, but offsetting them are 3 long-term benefits that you should consider very carefully.


Because it takes advantage of the renewable thermal energy in the earth, a geothermal system only needs to power the pump and a few other components with electricity. That means it costs much less to operate than other forms of heating, especially for larger houses or those that don’t have a lot of insulation (which is fairly common here in Austin, since our summers are long and hot).


Because the coils are underground, they’re protected from the ravages of the elements, and from wear and tear in general. That means the chances of the system suffering a breakdown are very low, and that when breakdowns do occur, they usually take place with the smaller surface unit, making them easy and fast to repair.


Because geothermal systems use much less energy, they are considered very green sources of energy, reducing our dependence on foreign oil as well as doing our part for Mother Nature. Over time, that can reduce your carbon footprint a great deal.

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