Sizing a New Air Conditioner

We get a lot of calls for new air conditioning installation this time of year, as temperatures climb in Round Rock, TX and an older system may find itself overwhelmed by high monthly bills and repeated repair calls. Installing a new system this time of year makes all kinds of sense since it will allow you to enjoy the benefits of improved efficiency and a brand new warranty for the remainder of the summer.

But once you’ve made the decision to install a new system, you have to factor in certain details to make sure it fits the needs of your home. Chief among them is the air conditioner’s size, and by that we mean its power output. A trained technician needs to balance that factor against the specifics of your home.

Why Sizing Counts

You can probably guess that an undersized air conditioner is not going to do the job. It will work way too hard—raising bills and the chances of a breakdown in the process—and won’t ever cool your house properly. You may be surprised to learn, however, that oversized air conditioners have a similar problem, known as short-cycling. Air conditioners use much more power turning on and turning off than they do simply running. An overpowered air conditioner will cool the house too soon, turning on and off multiple times throughout the day.

How to Size Your Home

A trained technician can conduct an audit of your home to find the “Goldilocks spot” for your air conditioner: neither too large nor too small but just right. Square footage is the basis of those equations, but it can also involve such factors as sunlight exposure and the amount of insulation in your walls. When the audit is done, you know exactly how large your new AC must be to do the job.

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