Leaking Refrigerant Needs Fixing Fast

We haven’t even hit summer yet officially in Manor, TX, and already we’ve seen our air conditioners put to the test. That’s only going to get worse as we head towards July, and when problems arise, you need to treat them now before the weather gets even hotter. Among the most common problems encountered by air conditioning systems is leaking refrigerant, which can severely impact the system’s ability to function.

Why Is It a Problem?

Your air conditioner needs a very specific type of refrigerant in a very specific amount in order to do its job. It circulates through an endless loop that first converts it into liquid form (releasing heat outside of your home), and then expands it back to gaseous form (pulling heat from the nearby air, which can then be blown into your house with a fan).  Leaks aren’t supposed to spring up in such a system. Unfortunately, they do. When the cooling process is thrown off, ice forms on the coils, coming between the remaining refrigerant and the air it’s supposed to cool. As a result, your monthly bills will go up and the added strain will cause a more serious breakdown elsewhere in the system. And the problem will only escalate as more refrigerant leaks out of the system.

Call in Repairs Immediately

You can spot leaking refrigerant through hissing or bubbling noises, unexpected rises in your cooling bills and from frost forming on the system’s coils. Never attempt to scrap the frost off. it will only reform, and you could easily damage the coils in the process. Instead, turn the system off and call in a repair service immediately. Only a trained professional can safely handle refrigerant: pinpointing the source of the leak, and then sealing it and recharging the refrigerant to its prescribed levels.

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