Signs That You Need Duct Sealing

Summers in Austin, TX are as brutal as they come, and your air conditioner may be the best (and only) defense against triple-digit heat. When trouble arises, you need to address it quickly, and unfortunately, not every problem can be found in the air conditioner itself. The ducts, for example, can often spring leaks or suffer breaches that you can’t always notice because they’re hidden behind the walls of your home. They’re trouble because they pull conditioned air out or bring unconditioned air in, blunting the effectiveness of your AC and raising the possibility of both higher bills and added strain to other components of the system.

The good news is that a qualified technician can usually perform duct sealing services to correct the problem. The bad news is that you can’t call one in until you realize there’s a problem, and since your ducts are often hidden from sight, you may be completely unaware of the problem until it’s caused considerable damage.

Here’s a quick list of some signs that you need duct sealing, which can help you stymie that tendency and spot the problem earlier than you otherwise might.

  • Cold spots. Cold spots are created when conditioned air blows out of the breach and onto a nearby wall or some other location in the home.
  • Higher bills. The lost energy from a duct breach can be spotted in unexpected spikes in your monthly energy bills.
  • Low airflow. A breach means that the conditioned air won’t get to the vent like it’s supposed to, reducing the flow of air.
  • Noises. Air moving through the breach may cause a humming, groaning, or buzzing noise, which will stop when you turn off your system.
  • Excessive Dust. The dust pulled into the breach will mix with your conditioned air.

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