Don’t Fall for These Air Conditioning Myths

High temperatures seem to arrive earlier every year here in Manor, TX, and this year doesn’t look to be an exception. That means you’re going to need your air conditioner to perform every day and do so without costing you an arm and a leg in monthly bills. You can do yourself a favor by being mindful of a number of myths about air conditioners and refusing to follow them. You’ll be surprised how much your system may improve.

  • Myth 1: Running the AC all Day Saves Money. Air conditioners cost more to turn on and off than they do to run, and a hothouse takes longer to cool down than a cool one. But those savings are offset by the cost of running your system for 8–10 hours every day when there’s no one home. Instead, use your programmable thermostat to turn the air on 15–20 minutes before you arrive home.
  • Myth 2: Air Comes Out at the Temperature You Set. The thermostat setting determines when the air conditioner will stop running, not how cool the air is. (The air comes out of the system at the same temperature regardless of the setting.) Don’t turn the temperature down to get the air cool faster. Set it at the temperature you want and let it run.
  • Myth 3: An Energy Efficient Air Conditioner Will Automatically Save You Money. If you have a new system that is more efficient than the old one, it will only save you if you run it at about the same amount of time (and at the same time during the day) that you ran the old one. Running it more often will increase the energy usage and your bills may go up.
  • Myth 4: Repairs Cost Less Than Replacement. It’s true that you usually won’t pay as much upfront to repair an older system than replace it with a new one. But that doesn’t factor in the older system’s lack of efficiency (and the unnecessarily high monthly bills that create) or the frequency of repairs. You could save more in the long run by simply replacing a failing unit.

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