Get Your Home Ready for Cool Weather

Labor Day represents the last unofficial day of summer, and while there are still some hot days left ahead in Round Rock, TX, now is the time to start preparing for cooler weather. It will be here before you know it, but by preparing your house now, you can help save some money on your winter heating bills, as well as ensuring that you don’t get caught by surprise by any problems in your heating system. Here’s a quick list of steps to take in the next few weeks. Some of them require the services of a professional technician, but many can be conducted on your own with few problems.

  • Clear off Your Heating System. Your heater may have gathered leaves and detritus around its vents or exhaust port, and there may be blockages to the vents caused by objects in close proximity. Clear away any leaves or other forms of detritus and maintain an open space of at least two feet around any outdoor portions of your system.
  • Schedule a Maintenance Session. Maintenance for your heater means giving a trained technician a chance to look it over and determine if there are any serious problems in need of attention before winter starts. It also lets the technician improve efficiency by unclogging burners, cleaning dirty components and handling other similar little details.
  • Apply Weather Stripping. Weatherstripping can be purchased at any local hardware store and applied to cracks around your doors and windows. It will help your home better retain heat and reduce the strain on your system as a whole.
  • Change the Filter. Every heating system comes with a filter that strains out dust and contaminants. It should be changed every 1 to 3 months, especially after sitting unused as your heating system likely has.

Trust Intelligent Air Services to handle heating maintenance calls this fall!