Do You Need Emergency Services?

We’re in for a cold winter here in Austin, TX, and if your heating system goes down without warning, you need to get it fixed quickly. Unfortunately, not every breakdown takes place in the middle of the day when you can easily call and schedule repairs. And if your heater stops in the dead of night or over the weekend, an emergency heating repair call may be necessary. But when should you make an emergency call and when can the problem be resolved with a regular heating repair session? A few guidelines are presented below.

Safety First

If there’s a question, always err on the side of caution. Winter can be dangerous around here without proper heating, and even if your home stays relatively warm, you don’t want anyone in your family catching a cold while you wait for repair service.

Length of Waiting Time

A few hours can be handled much more readily than a few days in some cases. If the heater runs into trouble with just a few hours to go until regular business hours, you might want to wait until then. But if it’s going to be more than half a day, an emergency repair may be called for.

Containing the Problem

The moment you detect a problem with your heating system, you should shut it down. Most of the time, this will stop the problem dead in its tracks. In the event it can’t—if, say refrigerant is leaking from a heat pump and time is of the essence—then you may need to make an emergency call. Otherwise, shutting off power to the heater should give you the time to assess your options.

The pros at Intelligent Air Services are standing by to make heating repairs 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Give us a call today and let us get your heater going again!