Commercial Air Conditioning Service is Vital

Residences in our area spend a lot of time and money keeping their systems running smoothly. A Texas summer is nothing to fool around with, and the more reliable a home air conditioner is the better. That goes doubly so for commercial air conditioning systems, which have a larger load and must work even more reliably than home systems do. You have a business to run, of course, and you don’t want to have to worry about trouble with your air conditioner. A good commercial service can do wonders to ensure that your office is always cool and comfortable.


Commercial air conditioners have wildly differing needs to meet than residential air conditioners do. For starters, they have to cool a larger space, which requires greater cooling power. In the case of office buildings, that can often involve multiple stories: the highest of which needs to accommodate the hot air rising from the lower stories.

More precise control is required too, especially in buildings that house multiple clients with different cooling needs. A restaurant may need extra cooling power to ensure that foodstuffs are kept sanitary, while offices with a lot of computers need to compensate for the heat they generate and prevent damage from them.

Most important of all, commercial air conditioners need to function without a fail day in and day out. A residence can sit tight and run the fan until a repair service can arrive. Businesses have no such luxury. A loss of cool air for even a few hours will damage company assets like computers, drive customers away in droves, and force your employees to operate in unnecessarily uncomfortable conditions. All of that can affect your bottom line in both big ways and small. And again: you have a business to run. You can’t afford to take time out of your busy schedule to hassle with the AC.

That’s where we come in.


Professional commercial air conditioning services can make a huge difference, not only when emergencies arise, but for preventing those emergencies from happening in the first place (or at least reducing the risk to a minimum).

That starts with placement, which should entail modular rooftop units if your business can accommodate it. Modular units can be added and subtracted as your needs change. That also allows us to get in and make repairs when needed without having to move through your workspace to do it. We can get the system up to speed and your day-to-day operations won’t be affected one bit.

Speaking of which, emergency services make a big difference when it comes to commercial air conditioning: not only in terms of fixing a problem fast before it affects your bottom line but for working after hours when repairs or replacements won’t affect your employees’ ability to do their jobs. That extends to timely maintenance (which we recommend at least once a year) to check your system over for problems that may be developing.

For quality commercial air conditioning service in Round Rock, TX, call Intelligent Air Services today!