You May Need Replacement Services Instead of Furnace Repair

With winter on the way, now is the time to give your furnace a thorough look. The fall weather is still relatively mild, but in a few weeks, you’ll have need of your heating system on a daily basis, and if there are any problems with it, you need to spot them before the winter begins in earnest. This is especially true with older systems that may have an expired warranty, and if you’re having trouble with such a device, you should be prepared to consider replacing it instead of repairing it. Sometimes, the money you intend to spend on repairs would be better served going into a replacement system instead.

But how can you tell when a furnace needs replacing and when repairs are enough? Frankly, only the homeowner can answer that question. Every furnace is unique, and you are probably more qualified than anyone to determine if it has another winter left in it, or if you should replace it now. There are a few guidelines that can help you make that decision, however.


The first factor to consider when gauging a replacement for your furnace is the status of the warranty. The warranty covers the replacement costs of any individual components in the system, provided that are the original components. That usually makes repair preferable to replacement, since you’ll only pay for the labor and any incidental components like bolts and screws.

If the warranty has expired, you’re going to need to consider your options more carefully, though repair may still be preferable to a replacement if it doesn’t cost that much. Only when the costs rise higher than you feel the system is worth should a replacement be an option.


Again, that’s a question only the homeowner can answer, but it usually boils down to two specific costs:

  1. Repairs. If a single repair costs more than you feel the system is worth, and the warranty has expired, it’s probably best to look into replacing the furnace. In addition, multiple smaller repairs can add up too. If you’ve had to schedule repairs more than twice in the last twelve months, you might want to think about a new system. (You can mitigate repairs in older furnaces by scheduling regular maintenance once a year throughout the furnace’s life.)
  2. Monthly Costs. As furnaces get older, wear and tear take their toll, and even carefully maintained systems are going to surrender to the ravages of time eventually. That means your monthly heating costs are going to gradually creep up, which will eventually cost more than you think the system is worth. New furnaces are invariably more efficient than old ones, which can give your monthly budget a huge break. If you’re tired of paying high heating bills with an older furnace, replacing it now means you can enjoy that improved efficiency all winter long.

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