Why Use Modular Units for Commercial HVAC Systems?

Residential air conditioners usually consist of a single unit that cools the air and then blows it through the ducts in the home with a fan. Commercial spaces are larger, however, and often have unique heating and cooling needs. While most of them use ducts to move the cool air around just like residential systems do, they usually employ modular units: multiple smaller air conditioning units placed on the roof to provide cool air. Why do commercial HVAC systems rely on modular air conditioning units? Why not just put in a single unit and be done with it? The answers have a lot to do with the unique nature of commercial properties and the specific needs of the space.


Residences rarely change their specific needs. While a new family may move into an existing home, the cooling needs of the space won’t change. It’s the same space, after all, and a new family doesn’t need anything different to keep their home cool. Businesses, however, can change their functions drastically. A new occupant of the space may have more computers than the previous occupant, or storage needs for products that require a specific set temperature. That, in turn, requires a more powerful (and in some cases a less powerful) HVAC system.

The primary benefit of modular systems is that you don’t need to install a whole new heater or air conditioner every time a new company moves in. You can simply add or subtract units as needed. A new unit can be attached to the existing system or an old one taken away for a fraction of the time and cost, and without having to install an entirely new system in the process.


Modular air conditioning units further benefit by being readily able to be installed on the roof of the business in question. The roof is the ideal place for such equipment because there’s usually a great deal of room to add or subtract more units without difficulty. It provides other benefits as well. For example, it means the technician doesn’t have to trod through your workspace during regular hours when you’re trying to conduct business. It also allows the technician to put a new unit in place or remove an old one without having to maneuver through any tight spaces on the inside of the building.

That, in turn, provides additional space for your business. Without a bulky HVAC unit to take up valuable room, you can set a significant chunk of the building aside for storage, workspace, and (in the case of the building’s exterior) additional parking for employees and customers. Modular air conditioning units are durable as well: able to handle extremes of heat, cold, and rain so they almost never run into trouble when the weather takes a turn for the worse.

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