Does My Heat Pump Need Maintenance for Winter?

Heat pumps are great for the climate here in Austin. During the heat of the middle of the year, a heat pump is as powerful as the best air conditioning system. When temperatures cool down enough that a house needs a bit of warmth, a heat pump shifts smoothly into heating mode—and uses much less electricity to run than an electric furnace. We’re still enjoying warm weather in December, but the time to change your heat pump over to heating mode is coming up. If you haven’t done so yet, it’s time to schedule maintenance for your heat pump with an HVAC company in Leander, TX.

You mean a heat pump needs winter maintenance?

To answer the question in the title: yes. If you schedule maintenance for the heat pump in spring, that doesn’t mean you have the heat pump taken care of for the entire year. Spring maintenance inspections and tune-ups are vital because they help the heat pump get through the most arduous part of its workload during the year. But it needs similar attention at the end of the year.

But a standard AC only needs maintenance once!

And so does a furnace. But those are systems that only do a single job. The AC cools, the furnace heats. The AC picks up most of its wear and tear during the summer, and then has a stretch where it does much less work. The furnace will only run during the winter. But a heat pump works all through the year, and it uses the same components in either heating or cooling mode.

No matter what job the heat pump is doing, it picks up dirt, stress, and wear that affects it regardless of the mode it’s in. This means that whenever you need your heat pump to cool you off during the off-seasons—and hot weather can strike at almost any time—it will be at a higher danger of malfunctioning or wasting energy. Maintenance at this time of year is an investment in your heating ­and cooling.

You enjoy all the benefits of regular maintenance

If you sign up for our maintenance plan, you’re already covered for two maintenance visits a year. This is just a basic part of the package: our NATE-certified, dependable HVAC technicians are looking out for your entire HVAC system, heating and cooling. Along with our technicians watching out for your heat pump throughout the season, you’ll receive other benefits (depending on your membership level):

  • Premium Scheduling (you jump to the front of the service queue)
  • No overtime or holiday rates
  • Complementary refrigerant (1 pound per system R410a only)
  • 10% discount on all repairs (does not include equipment replacement)

Of course, the biggest benefits are the ones that come from the skilled tune-ups and inspections our NATE-certified technicians perform. When you have us help you out each spring and fall, you’ll enjoy better energy efficiency from your heat pump, fewer repairs (85% less on average), and longer equipment life. Plus, you’ll keep the warranty in place.

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