Our Maintenance Program Is Here for Your Fall HVAC Tune-Up

One of the great advantages of living in Austin is our winter weather. Temperatures cool down, sometimes dropping into the forties during the evenings, but we rarely suffer from any bracing cold spells. Homes, however, still require heating systems to handle the cooler evenings and help with the draftier houses.

We assist homes in Austin, TX with HVAC maintenance in the fall through our maintenance plans. Regular maintenance is necessary to ensure a house can make it through the winter and all the way through to spring with minimal problems and maximum energy savings. A heating system may not need to run every day during our mild winters, but it should be able to operate reliably when a home needs a heating and without draining excess energy while it runs.


We understand how easy it is to put off scheduling maintenance for a heating system in a place like Austin. Cold weather is often at the top of people’s thoughts in September and October. But think of this not as heating maintenance as much as it is HVAC maintenance—a service for your general comfort and ventilation. You’re investing in general home comfort, and the inspections and tune-ups professionals perform during maintenance must be done twice a year to provide the fullest benefits:

  • Maintain system warranty: The manufacturer’s warranty on a heat pump, electric furnace, gas furnace, or other heaters in an HVAC system will expire if the system doesn’t have regular maintenance. Missing out on professional maintenance can mean you lose the important protection the warranty provides in case of a failure from a factory fault. This is especially important for a heat pump, which under most warranties must receive maintenance twice a year.
  • Safety: Even an all-electric HVAC system (an AC/electric furnace; a heat pump) can pose safety hazards if allowed to decline from neglected maintenance. Natural gas heating systems must have careful professional inspections once a year to catch malfunctions that can potentially lead to combustion and toxic gas leak dangers. When you keep up with fall maintenance, your family will enjoy greater safety.
  • Energy efficiency: An HVAC system’s efficiency rating gradually declines when it’s not maintained annually. You may still receive the same level of heating from the system during the winter but end up paying 25% more for it. A single maintenance visit each fall can prevent this waste.
  • Reduced repair needs: Here’s a fact that puts maintenance in perspective—around 85% of the repair needs for an HVAC system are preventable thanks to maintenance. The savings and convenience this delivers are enormous.
  • Peace of mind: When your home starts to feel cold, you want to feel certain the furnace or heat pump will turn on to warm your family. Maintenance gives you the peace of mind that you have a reliable HVAC system at your beck and call, rather than a wonky heater that might fail on you at any minute and leave you trapped calling for repairs.

We offer different maintenance plans to fit your budget and specific needs. Call our offices to find out more. Once you sign up, we’ll place you on the schedule for prompt HVAC care to prepare you for the change in seasons.

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