Check for Heating Problems Early in the Season

The weather takes a turn for the chilly every October here in Georgetown, TX, in anticipation of the cold winter months to come. Chances are you’ve already put your home’s heating system to use, especially during our increasing low temperatures at night. If you have an older heater or one that struggled through last winter, now is the time to check for heating problems to see if you need repairs. Specifics vary and you should never attempt to diagnose a problem yourself. But by checking for general signs, you should be able to determine if a problem exists. Such signs can include anything that you don’t normally associate with your heating system’s normal functioning. More specifically, look for the following.

  • Lowered Heating Levels: If the air emerging from your furnace vents isn’t as warm as you expect, there could be a problem with the burners or some similar issue. Breaches in the ducts can also create lowered heating levels.
  • Lowered Air Flow: If the fan motor is suffering problems or the fan itself is misaligned or damaged, the hot air won’t flow through your ducts as it should. That means your system will need to work harder to do its job, raising both your monthly bills and the risk of a more serious breakdown.
  • Spikes in Your Bills: Speaking of bills, if yours shoot up unexpectedly, especially if you haven’t used your heater any more often than normal, it may be due to some faulty component inside the system.
  • Strange Noises: Odd noises such as clangs, moans, or hums can be the easiest way to determine if something is wrong. In most cases, the noises will stop when you turn off the heater.

The moment you detect any problem with your heating system, shut off the power and call the pros at Intelligent Air Services to take a look!