Get your Whole HVAC System Serviced

As summer turns to autumn, local residents are going to be using their air conditioners less and less and their heating systems more and more. This makes it an excellent time of the year to schedule maintenance for both halves of your HVAC system. It will do both of them good and can help ensure that you get a comfortable house in the most efficient manner possible.


Regular maintenance most closely resembles a tune-up for your car. Routine maintenance is not intended to address any specific issue, but rather to check for any issues that may be developing, as well as taking care of little problems like loose bolts and clogged filters. Such problems rarely merit a repair call on their own and can be addressed as part of maintenance. If something more serious is required to head off a potential issue, the technician can note it. If the required tools are present, they can perform a formal repair immediately. If more is required, they can find a good time to perform repairs that meet your schedule.


In the case of repairs, it’s always better to catch the issue sooner instead of later. In the first case, it doesn’t give the damage as much time to spread, which means you’ll likely pay much less for the repair job if you can spot it soon. For air conditioners, the fall gives the technician a chance to assess problems that may have developed while it ran all summer. For heaters, it’s a chance to stop any problems before you need your home kept warm. Either way, regular maintenance gives you an early jump on those problems.

Beyond that, maintenance helps the system perform more efficiently by addressing all those little issues that can leech your HVAC system of power. Loose components rattle in their housings, clogged filters restrict the flow of air, and so on. All of that forces the system to work harder than it should: raising both the monthly rate of operating the system and the chances of a more serious breakdown.

In fact, when applied regularly over time, maintenance can help extend the life of your HVAC system. It lowers the risks of breakdowns later in the system’s life and helps ensure that when repairs are needed, they tend to cost less than they might otherwise. Indeed, when applied regularly over time, it can help extend the life of your HVAC system for months or even years in some cases.


Fall makes the perfect time to do this because the weather is mild but not yet cold. That gives you time not only to schedule maintenance at your leisure but to deal with any additional repairs (if needed) before you require your system to heat your home. Contrast that with having to scramble in the wake of an unexpected breakdown, when you often have to rearrange your life to deal with it.

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