Dual Fuel Systems

Austin Dual Fuel Heat Pump Systems


Our winters have been surprisingly cold here in Austin at times. If you have a heat pump system, you might have noticed that you’re not getting the comfort that you’re used to, or your heating bills have skyrocketed over the last couple of years. You don’t have to settle for this type of heating service. Instead, you can opt for a dual fuel system.

Intelligent Air Services, LLC provides the best dual fuel system installation, dual fuel system replacement, dual fuel system repair, and dual fuel system maintenance in Austin. We’re experienced, licensed, and certified, and we understand the work it takes to provide your home with a great dual fuel system thoroughly.

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Professional HVAC Service is Always Necessary

Yes, you read that right! Professional service is always necessary if you want a great dual fuel system. There’s no point in going through the hassle of installing a dual fuel system in your home if you’re going to have underwhelming service for this system. This will land you in a spot where you’re just as cold and uncomfortable as you were in your home before you had this system.

We’re well known here in Austin. If you ask a friend, neighbor, or customer of ours about our service, you’ll hear all about our amazing work. We’re a team full of NATE-certified, dependable HVAC technicians. We know how to provide the best service possible. Make the intelligent choice and contact our professionals today.

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So what’s a dual fuel system? A dual fuel system matches the magic of a heat pump with a gas furnace. Heat pumps are amazing on their own. They move heat rather than generating it, so they’re easier on your wallet and easier on the earth and they both heat and cool from the same unit. While heat pumps are great on their own, they do have a few drawbacks when the temperatures start to fall off during the winter here in Austin, TX.

We don’t have the coldest weather here in the south, however, you might need a little extra heating power every now and again. You can choose a dual fuel system if your heat pump isn’t cutting it. Dual fuel systems provide the advantages of heat pumps and gas furnace systems while eliminating the drawbacks of each.


So here’s the thing—you can use your heat pump to heat your home in the dead of winter, but you’re not going to get efficient or cost-effective service from your heat pump system. The key difference between a heat pump and any other climate control system is that they move heat rather than generating it. This means that your heat pump draws in the heat from your outdoor air in winter rather than generating it with a natural gas set up.

The problem with this is that it becomes difficult for your heat pump to do this when the temperatures get closer to that freezing point. You don’t have to run your heat pump into the ground trying to heat your home on a cold winter night. If you choose a dual fuel system, your heat pump will seamlessly tag in your natural gas furnace when the temperatures dip too low.