Austin, TX Ductwork Services


Your ductwork is the backbone of your home’s air conditioning and heating system. You probably don’t give this system a lot of attention though because it’s tucked away in your attic and behind your walls, but it’s what’s going to make your home efficient and comfortable. Your ductwork has an important job—it circulates all the conditioned air throughout your home on a daily basis. If your ductwork is clogged, leaking, or gapping, you’re going to notice in your home.

Although you’ll definitely notice, you might not make the connection to your ductwork. Our professionals can bridge that gap for you and fix your problems with our professional work. We have all the right experience and expertise to get your home in the best shape possible.

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Sniff Out Duct Leakage Problems with Duct Testing & Sealing

So there’s something funny going on with your home’s HVAC system but you can’t pinpoint exactly what it is? We can help you find the specific source of your home’s problems—more often than not, it’s a significant problem with your ductwork.

Our duct testing services identify any problems that you’re having with duct leaking problems. Duct testing is the first step of the process in identifying damage. If you’re struggling with duct leakage, we’ll find where it’s happening in your home, determine the cause of this issue, and then take the appropriate next steps. Most of the time, the appropriate next steps are duct sealing. Our Austin duct sealing services can help you improve your energy efficiency and your overall HVAC performance.

The Fine Line Between Duct Repair & Duct Replacement

There’s a pretty fine line between the need for duct repair and duct replacement. There are many signs that overlap and indicate a need for both duct repair and duct replacement. If you experience any of the following problems you should call our team for duct repair in Austin:

  • You’ve never had a duct problem before
  • You’re running your HVAC system but not receiving relief in your home
  • You’re paying way too much for your heating or cooling services
  • You have poor indoor air quality

What upgrades the need for mere duct repair to duct replacement is the following:

  • You’ve cleaned your ducts before and still have problems.
  • You’ve repaired your ducts before and still have persistent problems.
  • Your ducts are over 10 years old.

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Ducts are like anything else in this world—they accrue signs of wear and tear overtime. The problem with your ducts is that they have a severe effect on your energy efficiency over time. Small amounts of leakages add up in a duct system. It can become so severe that your ductwork system can lose as much as 30% of its overall output to leaks in your ductwork.

Don’t underestimate the importance of your ductwork. You need a professional team that’s going to take the time and care that you need to have a great ductwork system. Our team of professionals will take the time to accurately measure, and customize your duct design specifically to your home. Anything less than the best is going to make your home’s efficiency and comfort subpar.

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