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We experience our fair share of excess moisture here in Austin, so the term “humidity” can be a bit of a four-letter word. If you’re really suffering from the humidity levels in your home you can contact one of the professionals on our team to inquire about the benefits of using a dehumidifier.

You can also suffer from the opposite problem in winter. A lack of humidity in cold weather can make you feel much colder and make your home struggle to heat up during the winter months. If you need a great team that’s ready to perfect the amount of moisture in your home, come to our indoor air quality experts here at Intelligent Air Services, LLC and ask about our Austin humidifier and dehumidifier services.

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Your home’s humidity level should hover between 30% and 50%. There needs to be some humidity in the air for us to feel comfortable. However, it is possible for the air in your home to become overly humid and for problems to develop. A lack of humidity has its own distinct set of problems.

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Signs You Should Consider Dehumidifier Installation

Here are a few warning signs that suggest you may benefit from a whole-house dehumidifier:

  • Discomfort: Humid air retains heat better than dry air so you may notice that areas of your home are very stuffy and uncomfortable. A dehumidifier can remove that excess moisture, allowing you to live in greater comfort. You may also feel stickiness on surfaces in your home or on the floors.
  • Condensation: Condensation is another sign that there is too much humidity in the air. If you notice that condensation always builds up on your windows, pipes, or any other surface, excess humidity is the culprit. You may even find that there are damp spots on your carpeting or that there are water stains on your wallpaper. If your wallpaper is falling away from the walls it may also be due to high humidity levels.
  • Mold or Mildew: A more troubling sign that your air is too humid is the growth of mold throughout your home. Mold, viruses, and bacteria can thrive in a humid environment. They can also spread throughout your home quite quickly. This is a problem that is best to avoid altogether.

If you are afraid that there is too much humidity in your air, acting quickly and consulting a professional about a dehumidifier is important. We can match you with the best dehumidifier available.


Here are a few warning signs that indicate you may need a new whole house humidifier:

  • Trouble Getting Warm: If you notice that your home never really feels warm and comfortable during the heating season, a whole-house humidifier may be the solution that you’re looking for. Humidity holds heat, so very dry air will not feel as comfortable when the temperatures outside dip. You may even find yourself turning the heat up, running your heater more frequently, and driving up your heating costs.
  • Personal Discomfort: Another sign that there is not sufficient humidity in your home is if you find that you suffer frequent sore throats, dry and itchy skin, or nosebleeds. Your body needs moisture, and when you find the best humidifier for your home and HVAC system you can live more comfortably and even feel healthier. A professional humidifier technician can help you figure out which best suits your needs.
  • Property Damage: Some people fail to realize that low humidity levels can even damage their property. If you notice wooden fixtures in your home beginning to crack or paint chipping right off your walls, you may need a humidifier to fix the situation. Ultimately it is best to consult a qualified technician to determine if a humidifier is appropriate for your situation.