HVAC Services Can Upgrade Your System

We’re in the middle of the coldest period of the year, but here in Texas, the weather never gets quite so cold as it does further north. That makes now a good opportunity to give your heating and air conditioning system a good look and determine whether it could benefit from any additions or upgrades. HVAC systems can be improved greatly by adding new components.

You don’t need to replace the whole system to put them in, and most technicians can ensure that the new components work seamlessly with your existing system. You can see the difference not only in added convenience and new ways to use your HVAC systems but with considerable savings both in monthly bills and in reduced repair costs as well. We’ve provided a list below of some of the more popular upgrade options to give you an idea of what you can expect.


Thermostats are comparatively simple devices and are designed to last for decades in most cases. If yours is over ten years old, congratulations on making such effective use of it. The one drawback to that is that you might have missed some of the exciting advances in technology that thermostats have seen in the past few years. Smart thermostats now can make automatic adjustments to your heating and cooling schedules because of your unique needs—saving you money in the process—while Wi-Fi thermostats allow you to control them from anywhere in the world via an app on your phone.

(In addition, if your home still contains a thermostat that relies on a mercury switch, you should get it replaced immediately. Mercury is toxic and should not be in your home under any circumstances).


If you rely on centralized heating and air conditioning, you have a system of ducts in your home that distributes the air after the system has warmed it or cooled it. It’s a safe and effective way to keep the whole house comfortable, but with centralized systems, you’re limited to a single temperature in the entire house.

Zone control systems get around that: allowing you to set different temperatures in different sections of the home, or even run the heating and air in specific sections without running it in others. That helps cut down on wear and tear, as well as lowering the monthly cost of running your HVAC system without skimping on the comfortable temperatures you’ve come to expect.


If you’re concerned about indoor air quality, then a UV air purifier can be an excellent addition to your heating and air conditioning system. It shines ultraviolet light across the width of your ducts at the apex: the point where conditioned air enters the system for distribution into your home. UV light is harmless to humans and multicellular organisms like pets but stops germs and bacteria cold when they come into contact with it. A UV air purifier in your HVAC system will make the air fresher and cleaner, as well as cut down on instances of illness in your home.

If any of these upgrades sound like a good fit for the heating system in your Round Rock, TX home, call Intelligent Air Services today!