Look Out for Cracked Heat Exchangers

Winter in Leander, TX often means heating repair calls, and if you end up on the wrong side of one, you have a company you can trust to come and make repairs. But of all the problems we tell our clients to watch out for, none are more important than your heat exchanger. When it cracks or becomes corroded, it constitutes much more than just a simple breakdown. You need to look out for cracked heat exchangers and shut down your furnace as soon as you do.


The heat exchanger transfers heat from the burners to the air that gets blown into your home. It also filters out the trace toxins that appear in the gas and funnels them out of your house through a vent. When the cracks appear, they disrupt the heating process, making it much harder for your heater to do its job. More importantly, it can release toxins like carbon monoxide into your home, which is why you need to shut the furnace off in the event you spot a crack. It simply isn’t safe.


The good news is that you can take steps to stop the problem before it starts. If your system has a carbon monoxide detector, it will shut the system down automatically, though you will need to get the problem fixed before it will turn on again. You can also spot signs of a cracked heat exchanger by checking the burner flames for yellow-colored flame or flickering; looking for soot coating the inside of the heater, or noticing a smell similar to formaldehyde in the vicinity.

Don’t trust heat exchanger repair or replacement to just any company. Call the pros at Intelligent Air Services today, and make sure the job gets done right!