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Are you searching high and low for a great way to heat and cool your home? The go-to way for anyone to heat and cool their home is with a setup involving a furnace system and an air conditioning system. What you may not know is that there are other options out there! Intelligent Air Services, LLC is here to help you find the right system for your needs.

Heat pumps are able to both heat and cool from the same system. They’re eco-friendly, energy-efficient, and cost-effective. Not every HVAC contractor is qualified to service these systems.

Contact our team if you need Austin heat pump services. We’re a qualified team of hard-working individuals.

What Makes a Heat Pump Different?

Heat pumps are constructed just like a standard central air conditioner with an outdoor unit, an indoor unit, and a system of coils and refrigerant connecting the two systems. A heat pump works just like an air conditioner when it’s in cooling mode. The real difference between a heat pump and a standard AC system is the way that it generates conditioned air and its capabilities.

A heat pump works similarly to a central air conditioner in that it transfers heat—which makes it effective for cooling, and highly efficient for heating. If it’s hot out, the heat pump moves the hot air in your home outside to cool down your home’s internal temperature. In the winter, the flow of refrigerant is reversed, and the heat pump is used to warm up your home. Contact our professionals to learn more about this system.

Why You Should Go for a Heat Pump Installation

So that might all sound nice, but let’s get down to the nitty-gritty—why should you buy a heat pump?

  • They’re Cost-Effective: Heat pumps are easier on the wallet than other forms of electric heating because they move heat rather than generating heat or cooling constantly. Buying something like an electric furnace is better for the earth, but terrible for your budget. Get the best of both with a heat pump.
  • They Heat and Cool: Heat pumps can heat and cool your home from one unit. This means that you only have to buy one unit to both heat and cool your home. This saves you money and a hassle.
  • Energy Savings: Our weather is relatively mild here in Austin, so a heat pump does a great job at handling the process of converting energy to heat.

Choose Intelligent Air Services, LLC for Your Needs

You can trust us with any and all of your heat pump services. We were ranked the #3 in the Top 8 Best Heat Pump Contractors in Austin in 2018 and 2019 because we really know how to service these types of systems. You’re never going to worry about the quality of service that you’re getting because we’re NATE-certified professionals with years of expertise.

Don’t ever compromise your HVAC services because you’re trying to save a little money. Instead, contact our certified professionals.

We always provide the best services at the lowest prices possible because we care about the comfort of our customers. To begin, contact our Austin heat pump specialists today.

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