Smart Thermostat Tips for Late Summer

Summers are always beastly hot in the Austin, TX area, which translates to high bills as your air conditioner works overtime to keep your home cool and comfortable. By the time we get to the tail end of summer, you may have been laboring under high monthly costs for quite some time. We’re used to paying more in air conditioning costs in the summer, and to some extent, you’re going to have to pay more when you use the air conditioner every day, regardless. But you can still cut into those costs with some smart activity, especially regarding your thermostat, which is the control panel for the entire system. By making smarter use of it, you can cut those bills down considerably.


Many people will turn on their air conditioners in the cool of the morning and leave them running all day, erroneously believing that it costs less than turning on the system in the afternoon when they get home (and the temperature is at its peak). It adheres to a certain logic—and ensures that your home is cool when you arrive at the end of the day—but it’s patently false. Instead, use your thermostat’s programming feature to turn the system on about 15 minutes before you expect to get home. It will still keep your home cool and you will save a huge amount.

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In some cases, our nights are only barely cooler than the days, in which case you may need to keep your system running. If at all possible, however, program your system to turn off after sundown, then open your house up and use fans to circulate the cooler evening air through your house.

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