The Benefits of Maintenance Programs

We often tout the benefits of a regular servicing and maintenance program for your HVAC system, and now is the time of year to get it: between the seasons when the weather is cooler than our stifling Georgetown, TX summers, but not yet so cold that you need your heater. Regular maintenance resembles a tune-up more than a repair job. Repairs are intended to fix a specific problem. Maintenance, on the other hand, addresses a lot of little problems, none of which would merit a call on their own, but which collectively can result in a lot of trouble if not properly treated.

It includes things like tightening loose bolts, cleaning dirty components, recharging refrigerant in the case of air conditioning, and the like. It also allows the technician to check for any looming issues that may cause trouble in the future. The benefits of this process are threefold:

  1. By correcting all of those little issues, maintenance allows the heater or air conditioner to function more effectively, helping you to lower your monthly bills. This is one of the reasons why we recommend scheduling maintenance in the spring and in the fall before you have regular need of the system in question.
  2. By spotting potential repair issues early, it gives you a chance to address them before they cause a breakdown or further damage. That not only saves you a lot of heartaches but can also save money since preemptive repairs tend to cost less than they might otherwise.
  3. When applied regularly over time, maintenance can extend the life of your system by months or even years in some cases. They reduce the wear and tear on the system, helping it last longer and deferring the day when you will need to have it replaced.

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