Upgrade Your AC with a Zone Control System

Summers in Austin, TX are as hot as they come, and if you own a centralized air conditioning system, it’s likely working overtime to keep your house cool. That usually comes with a heavy spike in your monthly bills, and most of us are used to paying more every summer for the privilege. It doesn’t have to be that way. If you have a centralized air conditioner and a large house, you might consider installing a zone control system in your ducts. It doesn’t involve changing or replacing any part of your existing system: merely upgrading it with new components that will increase its precision and versatility. Here’s how.


The ducts branch out from your air conditioning system to all the corners of your house, carrying conditioned air from the centralized unit. A zone control system simply lets you control the flow of that air more precisely. It entails a series of valves and shutters places at key points, allowing you to adjust the temperature in each room or section individually. Each valve has its own thermostat and control panel, and each one can be operated separately from the others.


The obvious benefits of a zone control system include the ability to set different temperatures in different rooms, so one family member can set the temperature in their room at 75° and another at 72°. But that’s a luxury and while it’s quite nice, it’s not the main benefit of the system. The main benefit comes from extending that principle: turning off the air in parts of the home you aren’t using and running it only in parts of the home that you are. That can save you a great deal on lower AC bills, as well as lowering the strain on the system and reducing the risk of repair.

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