Why Should I Consider a UV Air Purifier?

UV air purifiers sound like something out of a science-fiction movie: using invisible light to kill germs as they attempt to invade your home. That’s no small consideration in Austin, TX, where high humidity levels create a breeding ground for bacteria and viruses. UV air purifiers help improve your indoor air quality, as well as reducing the risk of illness and infection in your home. (This is of special concern to households that have just brought home a new baby, or who may have asthmatic or elderly members living there.) They’re all strong benefits, but they don’t explain how UV air purifiers work, or why you should consider one for your home. We’ve included a brief outline below.

How UV Light Works

As we intimated above, UV light exists beyond the light spectrum visible to the human eyes, although we can definitely feel those rays on a hot day—it’s what causes sunburns—and if you’ve ever seen a piece of clothing glow in the dark at a concert or amusement park, you can be sure they’re using a UV light. Though they can cause sunburns and even cancer with repeated exposure, UV light is otherwise harmless to human beings and pets, especially if it limits itself to the ducts in your air conditioner. For germs, however, UV lights are a much different story.

How UV Air Purifiers Clean Your Air

UV air purifiers are installed at the apex of your air conditioning system, sending a solid wall of UV light across the whole width of your ducts. Air can’t help but pass through it, which means there’s no escape for the creepy-crawlies within it. Though the light is harmless to us, it’s lethal to germs, bacteria, bedbugs, and mold spores: killing them and preventing them from replicating. As the air in your home slowly circulates, the purifier gradually scrubs it clean, leaving your home far less vulnerable to illnesses.

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