UV Air Purifier Against Cold and Flu Season

There are many reasons to enjoy the fall and winter seasons, especially since Austin doesn’t have to suffer through the intense cold weather of many other parts of the country. But even in our milder weather, we can’t escape the effects of the cold and flu season. Flu shots and other medications are recommended to help people make it through the season in good health even as numerous germs and viruses float through the air.

But did you know you can make an addition to your home’s HVAC system that improves you and your family’s defense against seasonal illnesses? Installing a UV air purifier in Austin, TX is a strong defense against the cold and flu bugs of fall and winter—and it offers other benefits during the rest of the year.

What does UV air purifier do?

A UV air purifier, also known as UV germicidal lights, is an effective air cleaner that eliminates organic contaminants without using chemicals. The purification system consists of ultraviolet lamps. The wavelengths of UV radiation from these lamps cause cellular disruption to microbes, viruses, bacteria, and mold spores, which either kills them outright or stops them from reproducing, thus rendering them inert.

In an HVAC system, a UV air purifier is positioned to send the ultraviolet lights over the condenser coil of the air conditioner system, where all circulating air in the ventilation system must pass. This not only helps the UV air purifier target the organic pollutants that can cause illnesses but also target the main area where mold may begin to develop inside the HVAC system.

What Are the Other Benefits?

Aside from lowering the number of viruses and germs inside your house, UV air purifiers stop many harmful allergens like mold spores. These are troublesome irritants during another time of the year: spring allergy season. A UV air purifier puts in work for you all through the year.

UV germicidal lights also help improve the efficient performance of an air conditioning system. The lights prevent mold growth over the evaporator coil, which helps the AC from losing heat absorption power. It also stops “dirty sock syndrome,” when moldy odors are spread throughout the house.

Can I Install a UV Air Purifier myself?

No. Like most whole-house air purification systems, UV germicidal lights need special expertise to install correctly. HVAC technicians who offer indoor air quality services can find the correct UV lights for your house and place them in the ideal spots in the ventilation system so they do the full job expected of them. These IAQ experts can also handle the occasional upkeep on the UV air purifier, which is a straightforward and easy task.

To find out more about UV air purifier installation, as well as other air filtration and purification systems that can give you a healthier house, call our office. Our technicians have extensive training in many different areas, making us your one-stop-shop for HVAC needs and services in the Greater Austin Area.

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