3 Benefits Offered by Humidifiers

When winter comes to the Austin area, dry air usually comes with it. The moisture in the air coalesces as the temperature falls, a tendency that gets compounded by homes that are buttoned up tight to keep in the heat. Whenever the air gets too dry, significant problems follow in their wake, and those problems can be compounded by the necessity of keeping your home warm and energy-efficient during the winter months. A whole-house humidifier, installed by a professional service and spreading moisture into the air of your home, can easily solve a number of those problems. Here are 3 benefits offered by humidifiers that you should consider.


Low humidity levels will dry out your sinuses, which leaves your body more vulnerable to colds and other illnesses. The risk is compounded in the winter when we seal our homes to keep the heat in and viruses can circulate through the system. Nosebleeds are also fairly common, and though it’s not quite as dire a concern, dry air also tends to make snoring worse and cut down on quality sleep. A humidifier can resolve all of those issues and lead to a healthier household.


Humidity makes the air feel warmer and in the summertime that can be a big problem. Not in the winter, however. Installing a whole-house humidifier helps ease the strain on your heating system, lowering monthly bills and reducing the risk of a repair call in the future.


Static electricity is no fun and in some cases can even damage your electronic appliances, while dry air can damage wooden furniture and kill household plants. A humidifier reduces all of that wear and tear while ensuring that your house remains a comfortable place to be.

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